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Stefano has the unique ability to foresee opportunities long before others do. 
He carefully selects his priorities and, with unwavering determination, makes things happen, no matter the challenges, whatever it takes. Negotiations with him are apparently tough: he approaches every discussion with a win-win mindset, often identifying solutions where others see none, transcending mere self-interest. His pursuit of project completion might come across as inflexible, but it's driven by a vision others often fail to see. 
Above all, he is fair.
I cannot refrain from borrowing a quote that fits perfectly from one of our favorite movies: "for me, you are an extraordinary CEO; when I look at your interlocutors, I see them hanging on your every word, liking you, I see that you can convince them"
Bruno Borraccino | Cerba HealthCare Italia

Stefano stands out as an exceptional leader in the healthcare sector. His approach is both visionary and engaging, marked by a deep passion for innovation and excellence in healthcare services. Stefano's style is characterized by a strong ethical foundation, ensuring that every decision and strategy aligns with the highest standards of integrity and ethical practice. He inspires his team through his commitment to these values, fostering an environment where each member is encouraged to strive for excellence. Under Stefano's guidance, Cerba Healthcare Italy has continued to excel, setting new benchmarks in quality healthcare provision. His ability to anticipate future trends and adapt to the ever-evolving healthcare landscape demonstrates his exceptional foresight and strategic acumen. Stefano's leadership not only drives the organization forward but also significantly contributes to the broader healthcare community, positioning Cerba Healthcare Italy as a leading provider in the industry. 
Stefano Cazzaniga | BCG

I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Stefano, and I can attest without reservation that he is a true leader and visionary in every sense. His ability to foresee trends and navigate complexities is awe-inspiring.
Beyond his remarkable professional capabilities, Stefano’s heart is evident in his actions. He possesses an abundance of genuinely care about the people he works with.
Stefano embodies the essence of a modern leader — someone who not only leads but inspires, someone whose intellect and empathy create a ripple effect that positively impacts everyone around him. It's been an honor to collaborate with such an exceptional individual.
Elisa Crotti | BCG

I've been collaborating with Stefano for several years, and he continues to amaze me with his approach to things: a truly rare blend of intelligence and empathy.
Luca Marioli | Marioli Menotti & Associati

I know Stefano since we were young kids and I had the opportunity to witness his impressive professional journey. Stefano has always been able to combine tremendous energy, passion and vision with work ethics, integrity and people care. Thanks to these qualities he has been able to build a team of highly motivated professionals and to drive his organization to achieve impressive results. In all these years his interest and dedication to his job and his continuous commitment to improve his industry made him a thought leader in the healthcare community, delivering impact well beyond his specific role as a top manager of one of the most successful companies in the market.
Matteo Siani | Three Hills Capital Partners

Grande Stefano!!!! A person I trust, he does what he says, and he says what he thinks!
Vincenzo Bruni | Reuben Brothers

One day you told me that my life would change by working with you and now I can truly confirm it, thank you for always pushing towards the best. 
Massimiliano Valisi | Cerba HealthCare Italia

Working with Stefano Massaro has been at all times an enlightening experience. His unique blend of intelligence, empathy, and ethical leadership in the healthcare sector is transformative. Stefano’s visionary approach, combined with a deep commitment to excellence, has profoundly impacted the industry. There are so many people grateful for the opportunity to work together with such a dynamic person, I'm definitely one of them.
Attilio Mazzilli | Managing Partner Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP (Italy), Italian Head of Technology Companies Group

A mix of vision, pragmatism and ethics that is hard to find. But the best thing about working with Stefano is the feeling of a true partnership. There’s no “you” vs “us”: there’s one team working together towards a goal, sharing doubts, issues, and solutions; the energy and sense of urgency he’s able to inspire to everyone at the table; his willingness to listen, his genuine curiosity towards others’ perspectives and experiences. This is what makes Stefano unique…and working with him a true privilege. Look forward to seeing where he will lead Cerba Healthcare to.
Parafrasando Petrarca: “Non puoi fallire a glorioso porto se ben m’accorsi di te nella vita bella”
Alessandra Catozzella | BCG

Determination, competence, and rational creativity: these are the words that describe Stefano, an resourceful and charismatic Leader with a futuristic vision of Healthcare.
Laura Bracchi | Cerba HealthCare Italia

There are few people who convey their vision so effectively that they ignite within you that spark which makes you become part of the mission. 
I have learned a lot from Stefano in many aspects: from utmost attention to details to managing difficulties. For this, I will always be grateful to him.
Marco Daturi | Cerba HealthCare Italia

Working with someone you admire is a fortune not everyone has.
Luigi Bardaro | Cerba HealthCare Italia

I believe that our success depends on your inspiring leadership and your ability to lead the team with determination and wisdom. 
Francesco Forziati | Cerba HealthCare Italia

Dear Stefano, I remember as if it were yesterday the day I met you. A meeting that was special in so many ways. A meeting I am proud of. You have always managed to allow all of us to put our differences on the table and to value them. Exactly those differences that make a group successful. Never give up. We are with you! From Your Highlanders. 
Emanuele Martella | Cerba HealthCare Italia

13 years ago I met the young Massaro (il Giovin Massaro) for the first time; we were both in a port in Corsica and he approached me: ” Very beautiful boat….Could I see it inside….It is my DREAM….Nice to meet you, my name is Stefano and I work in my small family company operating in the healthcare……The healthcare in Italy needs a radical change and I have a VISION to do it…..You know, I have a DREAM: to implement my vision of the healthcare by managing a big company….I like to THINK BIG…..”.
3 hours later (when Stefano starts to talk about his visions, you need to reschedule your agenda) we said goodbye with the promise to see each other again in Milan.
My thought was : “a brilliant young man, but he flies so high that you would have to shoot him to get him to land”.
Once summer was over, we started seeing each other for professional suggestions (only because of my grey hair) and we became friends.
Year after year I realized that the substance was enriching his VISION of healthcare and his DREAMS were coming true.
The “less young Massaro” had been able to bring innovation to the healthcare, a sector that had been stagnant for decades and to do it as CEO of the most important company operating in Italy which, in the meantime, had absorbed that of his family.
I had seen a young entrepreneur to realize his DREAMS, with a VISION always oriented toward the future and with excellent managerial skills.
Now I’m the one who has a DREAM: to see Stefano capable of maintaining or even increasing the excellent profitable results already achieved without reducing ,for his patients, the quality of healthcare, but possibly improving it.
It will be tough, given the competitive arena, but I am sure dear Stefano that YOU CAN DO IT, because you have the right VISION and you are able to THINK BIG to realize your DREAMS.
Gianluca Andena (13 years ago I was among the Founding Partners of the private equity Permira. Today I am simply a friend of Stefano, PROUD of it). 
Gianluca Andena | Andena Holding - Former Permira Partner

It has been five years since that phone call from Stefano that completely transformed my professional path. So much ground has been covered, often facing complex challenges. The sense of belonging that drives me to always give my best for the good of Cerba is all thanks to Stefano. I am still very grateful for that phone call. 
Maria Luisa Puglia | Cerba HealthCare Italia

For 7 years, I have had the privilege of working at Cerba HealthCare Italia with Stefano and witnessing his strong passion and incredible tenacity. Stefano is a leader who knows how to inspire and motivate his team, based on 4 fundamental principles: Excellence, Commitment, Boldness and Respect. These values are reflected in his way of managing the company, facing challenges, and achieving goals. I am proud to be part of his team! 
Laura Daturi | Cerba HealthCare Italia

I have been collaborating with Stefano since January 2023. Right from the start, I was impressed by his remarkable passion and commitment, as well as his meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of his work here. I realized that these qualities are crucial in steering towards success. I feel genuinely proud to be a member of his team, working together to propel Cerba forward in Italy!
Antonio Di Lullo | Cerba HealthCare Italia

Stefano Massaro embraces a growth mindset, not only as far as his business vision is concerned, but also with regard to empowering his team. He has a fundamental understanding that with the right support and training, in combination with empathetic encouragement, the abilities and skills of his team members can be developed through hard work and dedication. By recognizing potential and nurturing leadership in his team members, he fosters confidence and allows his executives to become effective leaders in their own right. Stefano has high standards for what he expects of his team members, but first and foremost of himself. I am honored to be given the opportunity to grow and evolve under his leadership. 
Giovanni Giambelardini | Cerba HealthCare Italia

Enthusiasm and energy are some of the feelings that Stefano brings to everyone, day after day; there hasn’t been a challenge that he hasn’t faced with a smile, always seeking to minimize tension. This winning, positive attitude has created value, it has formed a group: Cerba Healthcare Italia. 
Francesca Evola | Cerba HealthCare Italia

I have been working for Stefano for a few years and it's a privilege to collaborate with someone who has the courage to strongly and promptly support the things they believe in, without being intimidated by power or mainstream thought. A rare commodity! Especially in these times. 
Marino Pessina | EoIpso

In the two intense years of working with Stefano, it's been like a rollercoaster ride: a constant rush of adrenaline. Recently, and I hope it lasts, there's been a shift to a Zen phase in which I feel, due to my characteristics, more in tune than ever with him. The one thing I'm certain of is that with Stefano, you never die of boredom. 
Massimo Bene | Cerba HealthCare Italia

"Stefano makes you feel part of great projects and is a continuous source of inspiration.
Davide Alì | Cerba HealthCare Italia

Since the first moment we met, you have always been very engaging. Now we have been working together for 3 years and your enthusiasm continues to grow, even when we had to face difficulties.
Eugenio Basile | Cerba HealthCare Italia

On October 29, 2021, Stefano greeted me and all our colleagues in Italy, who, like me, since that DAY 1, became part of Cerba Healthcare Italia. Over these years, the journey has been intense, challenging, but also rewarding and at times exhilarating! That day, Stefano told us that we proudly take care of our patients - the people - and that this makes our work "cool"! Stefano instilled in us a sense of belonging and the awareness that has brought us here and will continue to guide us in future challenges to achieve the great milestones that will keep defining Cerba Healthcare Italia as the leading group dedicated to health services.
Angela Flovilla | Cerba HealthCare Italia

I have the great pleasure of sharing with Stefano an ambitious and stimulating project, and of being part of a model that I fully embrace. Stefano has had the great merit and ability to make me an involved participant in it, as well as proudly a part of it.
Filippo Bertazzini | Cerba HealthCare Italia

Stefano is a visionary. He deserves credit for creating a new generation of young managers, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their worth. 
Claudio Constantinescu | Cerba HealthCare Italia

I have been working with Stefano for just over a year, a year that has been nothing short of challenging but extraordinary and full of satisfaction. Working with Stefano means being part of a team where each of us contributes to achieving the set goals, raising the stanrdard of professionalism and commitment higher each day.
Stefano Calvetta | Cerba HealthCare Italia

"Work hard, die hard". This is Stefano.
Marco Frontini | Cerba HealthCare Italia

When I met Stefano, I was undecided whether to think I was dealing with a madman or a visionary. Over time, I've started to think that to be a visionary, one must also be a bit madman. Working with him is not easy, as he is a constant source of seemingly impossible challenges. His high-demanding approach gets the best from you and motivates you because in a nutshell each of his collaborators, in their own way, wants to be able to say, "I was there, and I made a piece of it."
Marco Passarello | Cerba HealthCare Italia

I have been working with Stefano for many years. I can surely say he is an authentic team leader, able to get the best out of everybody. Always very knowledgeable and ready to take his responsibility by facing new challenges. Tireless worker and inspiring manager sharing insightful conversation, thought-provoking perspectives and continue fruitful discussion that allow me to grow steadily. Proud to be part of his team!
Paola Frangi | Cerba HealthCare Italia

Stefano has managed to turn his passion into a profession, a passion that is felt in the way he works and interacts every day.
Fabrizio Casali | Cerba HealthCare Italia

Working with Stefano is a continuous challenge! It's not easy to understand and get into his way of thinking, but once you do, it's a constant flow of new and surprising ideas! I've been working with Stefano for 2 years and I can always say that whenever we meet for our discussions, it feels like something new is just around the corner… 
Michele De Chirico | Cerba HealthCare Italia

Charisma & tenacity. Certainly, learned from all these years of hard work together that make Stefano's personality that of a really tough leader; from someone like him, you learn a lot, for better or for worse, so the baggage is substantial." I'd like to leave this important quote: "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." 
Angela Lucino | Cerba HealthCare Italia

I had the pleasure of meeting Stefano about two years ago in Via Durini, Milan. Right away, we were in tune with the intention to embark on a professional journey in the same direction, that is, the growth of the group both from a scientific and commercial point of view. His words and messages have been a great stimulus and input for me, a 'veteran,' and for those he has chosen to be part of the 'great team'. 
Sergio Carlucci | Cerba HealthCare Italia

Working with Stefano could be similar to a famous line from the movie Forrest Gump, 'Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get'. 
Simone Forti | D-Video Production

Stefano is the main reason why I am in Cerba today. Over these two years, he has always supported me, inspired me, and most importantly taught me how to lead a group with example and determination: the combination of his human qualities and leadership skills are a rare commodity today. 
Marco Pesavento | Cerba HealthCare Italia

Stefano has the ability to convey enthusiasm and passion to anyone, full of energy and innovative ideas. 
Caterina Baldi | Cerba HealthCare Italia

I have known Stefano for many years. Since our first meeting, I have felt great admiration for him. His skills and determination allow him to make a difference. He is a source of inspiration for many people.
Michael Conoscenti

Everything has already been said, and I agree with every testimony. I just wanted to add the memory of our first meeting back in January 2014, after which I thought to myself, "Well, he seems a bit 'crazy', but I 'adore' him and agree with every word of his vision of the future ahead of others!" This is his great strength! Years of respectful and competent collaboration followed. Congratulations Stefano.
Paolo Molteni | Corsi sanità e formazione

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