Sailing the Seas of HealthTech: Blending Law, Leadership, and Innovation.

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Connecting dots

Captured by the world of science and health, my professional journey has been nothing short of an adventure. It all started in the realm of corporate identity, a field that became pivotal in the early 2000s when retail started wearing new clothes, transforming our cities and people’s lives. Talking about retail in those days meant not just discussing brand recognition and customer experience, but bringing a standardized sparkle to everything from dining to automotive or fashion or…you name it, and yes, even healthcare.

My path then took an unpredictable turn into the thrilling world of administrative law at a first tire law firm. It turns out, one of my many quirks is being a lawyer – who knew the courtroom could be part of healthcare’s prescription? Yes, guilty as charged!


A brief selection of some speeches

A selection of insightful speeches by Stefano Massaro. These videos highlight Massaro’s innovative approaches and thought leadership in the medical and wellness sectors, offering valuable perspectives for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Stefano Massaro at WiredHealth 2024

Stefano Massaro speech to +2,000 colleagues

Stefano Massaro at Ocean Film Festival

Stefano Massaro at WiredHealth 2022


Technology has long been a key driver in medical progress. From the days of simple ceramic bells for prenatal diagnostics to today’s sophisticated genetic testing and imaging, its impact is undeniable. Yet, recent advances have not only furthered science but also multiplied medical services, raising questions about their appropriateness. The challenge now is to harness technology and data to streamline and enhance the diagnostic process, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in patient care.