Captured by the world of science and health, my professional journey has been nothing short of an adventure.

It all started in the realm of corporate identity, a field that became pivotal in the early 2000s when retail started wearing new clothes, transforming our cities and people’s lives. Talking about retail in those days meant not just discussing brand recognition and customer experience, but bringing a standardized sparkle to everything from dining to automotive or fashion or…you name it, and yes, even healthcare.

My path then took an unpredictable turn into the thrilling world of administrative law at a first tire law firm. It turns out, one of my many quirks is being a lawyer – who knew the courtroom could be part of healthcare’s prescription? Yes, guilty as charged!

This legal chapter finally steered me towards the healthcare sector, where I had the privilege of leading a private healthcare company, Delta Medica, through a remarkable growth story. Under my stewardship, Delta Medica blossomed into a network of private centers, greeting 160,000 patients annually.

Over the course of 12 extraordinary years, Delta Medica became an opinion leader in the world of preventive health and marked remarkable technological innovations. It was the first healthcare facility to interface data with wearable devices. The collaboration between Delta Medica and Garmin was ahead of its time, foreseeing what remains today a healthtech milestone for giants in digital transformation.

Since merging with Cerba HealthCare Group in 2017, the story has only gotten more exciting.
From my first day in 2005 to today, the company has grown to serve millions.

As the CEO of “Cerba HealthCare Italia“, I lead a team of professionals who are more like a band of healthcare superheroes. We believe in teamwork, and while we can’t make every problem vanish, we don’t vanish when problems arise.

Outside the office, I’m a devoted dad to two amazing daughters, Sophie and Annabelle, and a flat-coated retriever, Raoul, who thinks he’s the third child. A sports enthusiast, I’m often found sailing with the wind or cruising on my motorcycle, presumably not at the same time.

My lifelong soundtrack is the music of Fabrizio De André, whose verses about freedom, peace and ethics have been my companion on countless family road trips.

Guiding Cerba HealthCare Italia through the acquisition of Lifebrain was like assembling a dream team in health tech, further solidifying our position in Italy.

Additionally, we became the official lab partner of Inter Milan since 2022 sports season, underscoring our commitment to combining medicine, technology, and sports.

We’ve also pioneered the use of drones for transporting biological samples in Milan, proving that the sky’s literally the limit when it comes to healthcare innovation.

Concerned by the statist drift that occurred in many countries during the pandemic period, I continue to strongly believe in the role of private initiative in the health sector, advocating for preventive, personalized, and digital medicine. I stand for a form of apolitical healthcare, one where we constantly ensure that the boundaries of human and professional ethics are never crossed.